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12 months ago

TOURiLab, an important milestone towards smart tourism in the Canary Islands

TOURiLab, an important milestone towards smart tourism in the Canary Islands

In a significant step for the Canary Islands and for the development of smart and sustainable tourism technology, TOURiLab, based in the Technological Park of Fuerteventura, has been officially announced as FIWARE iHub during the closing ceremony of the FIWARE Summit 2023 held recently in Vienna. TOURiLab is the first initiative of its kind in the province of Las Palmas and sets an important milestone for the Canary Islands, positioning it as a pioneer in the advancement towards the use of smart technologies.


The announcement was made at an event that also welcomed other major global initiatives with the FIWARE iHub distinction. These included projects from Miami, Quebec, Boston and Finland, underlining the Canary Islands’ status as a player on an international stage of innovation and technological development.





TOURiLab FIWARE iHub, an initiative of Canarian company MNX Online, will focus on smart and sustainable tourism, acting as a pole of attraction for SMEs and other public and private entities in the Canary Islands seeking to transform themselves through the adoption of smart technologies. The FIWARE iHub designation provides TOURiLab with an important boost and recognition, consolidating its role as a leader in fostering innovation and the adoption of smart solutions in the region.


FIWARE iHubs are known as “innovation enablers for the digital economy”, providing a range of services including training, certification, testing and promotion of FIWARE solutions. They act as physical hotspots, bringing together the local community and acting as a gateway to the local and global FIWARE ecosystem.


The main focus of TOURiLab will be to develop skills in companies and among regional talent, thus contributing to the creation of a sustainable market for smart solutions in different sectors, in particular tourism, and implementing the concept of data economy from the islands.


This achievement of TOURiLab and MNX Online, representing the Canary Islands, reinforces the continued presence and growth of the FIWARE iHubs network. It is a testament to the region’s commitment to innovation and sustainable development, and marks the beginning of a new era of smart tourism for the Canary Islands. With this important milestone, the business ecosystem of Fuerteventura and the rest of the islands will be able to boost their activity in a much more efficient and sustainable way through the knowledge provided by the use of FIWARE technology. In this way, the development of innovative solutions in line with the current needs of citizens is encouraged. Likewise, the iHub offers the possibility of professional training to all those profiles that wish to develop in the world of smart territories.


The FIWARE Global Summit is a key event in the smart territories technology and digital business calendar, bringing together experts, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, business leaders, students and academics from all over the world. The 2023 edition of the event was held in Vienna, Austria.


FIWARE iHubs are an integral component of the global FIWARE community. These iHubs act as innovation hubs, offering a variety of services, including learning about Smart Cities, certification of FIWARE solutions and services, and promotion of technology solutions. The iHubs also play an important role in community building, acting as a meeting point for local stakeholders and providing an entry point to the local and global FIWARE ecosystem.


MNX Online is an SME based in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, which is dedicated to providing innovative technology solutions and is an important player in the FIWARE ecosystem. Its participation in international events such as the FIWARE Global Summit 2023 underlines its commitment to innovation and improving people’s lives through disruptive technologies.




To learn more about the TOURiLab initiative, please visit their website here.

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