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2 months ago

From Fuerteventura to Curitiba: Canary Islands at the Forefront of Smart Tourist Destinations Technology

From Fuerteventura to Curitiba: Canary Islands at the Forefront of Smart Tourist Destinations Technology

The Smart Island Fuerteventura project is presented in Brazil as a success story in Smart territory management.


Countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru are interested in replicating the successful Canary model in their own regions.


The Canary Islands consolidate as a benchmark in Smart Islands technology with a notable participation in the International Fair of Smart Destinations (FIDI) 2024, held in the Brazilian city of Curitiba.


This traveling convention, celebrated on the 17th, 18th, and 19th of March, in the capital of Paraná, saw the participation of hundreds of professional experts, leading companies, institutions, non-governmental organizations, and public officials from the tourism and technology sectors from around the world. The event served as a platform to share experiences and innovative ideas with the aim of encouraging the implementation of policies and actions for the development of smart tourist destinations.


In the photo, the delegation from MNX Online alongside Juanjo Hierro (CTO of FIWARE), Fátima Nazaré Camara (Director of the Curitiba Botanical Garden), Gonzalo La Rosa (Director of Instituto Ciudades del Futuro in Argentina), Bárbara Blaudt (Director of the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil), Adolfo Borrero (CEO of Aalto Consultants), Tatiana Turra (President of the Curitiba Municipal Institute), and Marcelo Funes (Director of Innovation of the Instituto Ciudades del Futuro).


The Canary Islands, a Beacon of Innovation at FIDI 2024


In a sector that accounts for 35.5% of the regional GDP, where innovation in tourist data analysis determines its future, the Canary Islands stand out for their advanced digitalization. Their use of high-level technology and their commitment to optimizing tourist management through data, positions them as a global reference, showcasing their technological potential in the field of tourism.


In this context, the Canary Islands, represented by the startup MNX Online, stood out at the fair for their advanced approach to technology and sustainability, demonstrating their commitment to innovation in tourism during FIDI in Curitiba, Brazil.


The company from Fuerteventura highlighted in their presentation “Canary Islands, combining a great destination with great technology,” how the region is a pioneer in the development of smarter and more sustainable tourism thanks to FIWARE technology. Among the various existing Canary initiatives, MNX Online presented the Smart Island Fuerteventura project as a success story in intelligent territory management, fostering the proliferation of technological companies dedicated to solving the challenges of tourist destinations.


DTI Presentation – Smart Island Initiatives in the Canary Islands
The Role of MNX Online at FIDI 2024


MNX Online participated as a speaker alongside representatives from FIWARE, AMETIC, and the region of Posadas (Argentina) in the panel “The technological platform for DTI (FIWARE)”.


During his presentation, Mannix Manglani, CEO of MNX Online, explained how their European experiment TOURiLab-SDG demonstrated that through high-level technology, a real movement of tourism towards environmental, economic, and social sustainability can be developed.


Throughout these three days of the fair, MNX Online had the opportunity to participate in different talks and workshops on tourism and technology, in addition to networking with representatives and decision-makers from the tourism and technology sectors of different Latin American countries.


Tourist Data Management Workshop


The presence of MNX Online at FIDI not only allowed the Canary Islands to be positioned on the global map of smart tourist destinations but also opened doors to future collaborations with countries like Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Peru, interested in replicating the successful Canary model in their own regions.


The Canary Ecosystem: Cradle of Technological Startups


The Canary Islands have managed to create a vibrant ecosystem of technological startups, focused on developing different solutions for the challenges presented by destinations. Among them is MNX Online, a company from Fuerteventura that has recently been recognized as one of the top 100 startups in Spain within the Scientific-Technological Parks according to APTE.


As a result of their experience and the knowledge acquired in high-level technologies over the past years, they have managed to create in the Canary Islands the world’s first FIWARE iHUB that promotes sustainable tourism using data spaces. TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB, promoted by MNX Online, is a technology and innovation center based in the Technological Park of Fuerteventura, which allows public entities, private companies, and professionals from the islands to find a space for demonstration, information, and training in Smart technology following the philosophy of collaboration and the concept of “test before invest”.


“In the Canary Islands, we have the conditions and the technical knowledge necessary to lead the future of smart and sustainable tourism globally,” says Mannix Manglani, a certified expert and FIWARE trainer. “Data spaces linked to tourism are key in this transformation,” he revealed.


DTI Presentation – TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB


The Canary Islands and the Horizon of Smart Tourism


The International Fair of Smart Destinations (FIDI) 2024 marks an important milestone for the Canary Islands and MNX Online, consolidating their role as benchmarks in the digital transformation of tourism globally. With initiatives like TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB, the Canary Islands are moving towards the creation of a technological innovation ecosystem that promotes sustainability, intelligent management, and economic and social development in the islands, serving as an inspiring model for the rest of the world.


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