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6 months ago

Innovation Without Borders: Badajoz and Fuerteventura Unite for the Development of Smarter, Integrated, and Sustainable Tourism

Innovation Without Borders: Badajoz and Fuerteventura Unite for the Development of Smarter, Integrated, and Sustainable Tourism

The FIWARE iHUBs of the Diputación de Badajoz and Fuerteventura sign a collaboration agreement, marking a step forward in the tourism market revolution.

In an innovative step towards merging technology with sustainable tourism, the Diputación de Badajoz, through its Fiware Space Innovation Center, located in the southwest of Spain, and the TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB of Fuerteventura, a pioneering entity located in the Canary Islands, off the northwest coast of Africa and a part of Spain, specialized in innovation on open technologies, have announced a collaboration agreement at Fitur 2024. This partnership symbolizes not only a technological bridge between the public and private entities of Extremadura (where Badajoz is situated) and the Canary Islands, respectively, but also the adoption of innovation in productive sectors such as tourism.

The core of this collaboration is the mutual commitment to open innovation focused on their experiences, software development, and technical assistance in the implementation of smart solutions in tourism. Both entities come together to create solutions for destination management that not only improve tourism efficiency but also promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach. This synergy represents a unique blend of local experience and global vision, promising to elevate tourism to new heights. It is the first initiative of its kind in the province of Las Palmas (where Fuerteventura is located) and marks a significant milestone for the Canary Islands, positioning it as a benchmark in the advancement towards the use of smart technologies.

The Fiware Space of Diputación de Badajoz, a three-star innovation center and part of the European Digital Innovation Hub, has been leading the digital transformation in the province of Badajoz since 2018. Meanwhile, TOURiLab FIWARE iHUB has emerged as a reference in promoting smart and sustainable tourist destinations, especially in the Canary Islands.

This alliance encompasses several key aspects:

  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences in fields such as FIWARE technology, data management, and sustainable tourism.
  • Joint advice, documentation, and training.
  • Implementation of pilot tests and innovation projects.


A vision focused on the integrated national platform of SEGITTUR.

Specifically, for destination managers, such as public administrations, these technologies make it possible to improve attention to tourists and visitors, understand their needs and interests, and offer personalized services, based on the management of data generated before, during, and after the trip.

The first step of this partnership is the development of a pioneering project: a proof of concept for a shared tourism data space. This project will not only demonstrate the viability of interoperable solutions for tourism governance but will also align with European and national strategies such as SEGITTUR’s in creating an integrated national platform. This initiative is inspired by the European principles of GAIA-X, seeking to foster a Spanish data sharing ecosystem, paving the way for more collaborative and efficient tourism governance.

Additionally, this collaboration will include activities to promote and train, focusing on the implementation of advanced solutions based on the Internet of Things (IoT), thus strengthening the technological infrastructure of the tourism sector in both regions.

This agreement is more than a simple technical collaboration; it is a bridge that connects two regions with a common vision. It represents a significant step forward towards creating smarter, integrated, and sustainable tourism. With this project, Badajoz and Fuerteventura not only stand out as leaders in tourism innovation but also set a precedent for future collaborations between regions.

In summary, this agreement is a testament to how technology and innovation can cross borders, uniting regions and people in the pursuit of a more sustainable and connected future. At Fitur, this collaboration is presented not only as a technological achievement but as a milestone in the history of sustainable and smart tourism.


From left to right: Jessica Gil and Mannix Manglani, directors of MNX Online, Carolina Casado and Jose María Tobajas, from Diputación de Badajoz.

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